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Licensed Fiduciary Condit and Associates, LLC

What is a Licensed Fiduciary

A fiduciary is someone entrusted to protect property, oversee matters and manage care when people become unable to do so for themselves.

Through the Arizona Supreme Court, Fiduciaries are bonded, background checked, fingerprinted and eventually become licensed. The licensing means a knowledge of the law that applies to caring for others and their finances. They are held to a high standard under the law and are accountable to their clients, their families and the courts. Fiduciaries are expected to be advocates for the clients they serve and help to protect them from abuse and exploitation. Many Licensed Fiduciaries are either former personal trust officers, medical professionals, or human services professionals.

How Can You or a Loved One Benefit?

In today’s busy world, having the time to attend to needed family and loved ones is a challenge.

  • We fill the gap for busy families and treat clients like adopted parents, aunts and uncles.
  • Rescue and relief for busy families.
  • Help for loved ones to live an easier, simpler, and more carefree life.

Licensed Fiduciary Condit and Associates, LLC offers financial peace of mind for you and your loved ones.

About Condit and Associates

Nicole CundiffR. Nicole Cundiff, Managing Member, Partner, CFO, and Licensed Fiduciary #20703, NCG.  BA in Education, AA in Business Administration. Licensed Fiduciary as of 01-16-2013.  Thirteen plus years’ experience in trust, probate, and estate administration.  Currently serving second term as Secretary on the Arizona Fiduciary Association Board of Directors. Prior educator (elementary and early education) and director of nationally recognized non-profits in AZ and OR.

Valerie J MillsValerie J. Mills, Managing Member, Partner, CEO, and Principal Licensed Fiduciary #20614, CTFA, NCG.  Licensed Fiduciary as of 05-14-2009.  Fifteen plus years’ experience in trust, probate, and estate administration. 


Stephen M. CundiffStephen M. Cundiff, joined Condit Oct 2014.
Licensed Fiduciary #20725. Licensed Fiduciary as of 01-09-14, ABA Approved Paralegal Certification since May of 2010, BS in Legal Studies, professional fiduciary services and property management administration since January of 2014.


Anita MackowiakAnita F. Mackowiak, joined Condit July 2013.
Licensed Fiduciary #20847, as of 11/16/17, Joined Condit in July 2013, over five years experience in a professional licensed Fiduciary Service Company, over twenty years in Finance, Administrative Support and Customer Service within the Mental & Healthcare Administration.


Kathleen CrowleyKathleen J. Crowley, joined Condit April 2011. Relationship Manager, Administrative and Property Management Support. Over thirty years of experience in personal banking and financial services.


Debbie DodgeDebbie Dodge, joined Condit 2010.
Registered Nurse, Care Coordinator. Forty-one years of experience practicing as a registered nurse in home health and supervisory positions.


Debbie DodgeCarloyn Palisch, joined Condit Oct. 2020.
LPN with 32 years of experience in Home Health, LTC, Insurance, and Wound Care,  and Case Management


Lucy GrabowskiLucy Grabowski, joined Condit Nov 2009.
Administrative and Property Management Support. Operations. Seven years of experience in accounting/bookkeeping, over two years experience in a personal injury law firm.


Sally Hawk Health Care AdministratorSally Hawk, joined Condit May 2013.
Administrative and Property Management Support. Over twenty years of experience in Health Care Administration, Medical Clinic and Facility Management. Additionally, Sally has prior administrative and management experience in a large Financial Services venue and has worked recently in a Risk Management role in the corporate setting.

Condit and Associates Hannah CundiffHannah Cundiff; joined Condit June 2005.
Administrative Support. Joined Condit in March 2014.

Sandra LandelsSandra K. Landels, joined Condit March 2005.
Administrative and Tax Support. Over seven years of professional fiduciary services and tax preparation experience.

Sandra LandelsMarybelle Zaragoza, joined Condit Aug 2018.
Receptionist.Joined Condit in August 2018. Over 10 years experience in administration and customer service. Three years experience in the legal field, previously with Maricopa County Public Defender’s office and Legal Advocates office.

Matthew NealMathew Neal, joined Condit June 2013.
Property Manager


Richard Cundiff, joined Condit Jan 2015. Labor Maintenance Tech

Victoria Russel, joined Condit in Jan 2018. Clerk/Property Management. Over 10 years experience in administration and customer service.

Neftali Zaragoza (NZ), joined Condit Jan, 28, 2019. Assistant Property Manager.


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It is our privilege to provide quality care and management for those who are in need of protection and assistance.

Our Mission

We provide professional, dependable financial and personal care services for those who want life to be simple, easy, or no longer a struggle. To give respect and honor the dignity and livelihood of those who have raised, nurtured and mentored the rest of us.

Member of

  • Arizona Fiduciary Association
  • Sun Health Foundation Board
  • Interfaith Community Care Board